What Can You Earn Working in a Casino?

binoculars moneyWhen you visit a casino, you’re usually going there to play the games. It’s all about having fun and getting the opportunity to win some money. Different casinos come with different games, catering to varying audiences. Yet the basis behind attending a casino is the same – for a good time. It’s not very often that we, as the gamers, consider the employees of the casinos. The croupiers. The security staff. The managers. The waiters and waitresses. The cleaners. Etcetera, etcetera.

That’s likely because not a huge number of us have considered working in a casino before. We want to enjoy our time spent playing games, rather than try to ensure others get that experience. Yet the fact of the matter is, without the employees, such experiences wouldn’t be possible. Nobody would be present to deal cards out at the tables. Staff wouldn’t be in action to keep the building and the people inside secure. Managers wouldn’t keep control of the finances and day-to-day running of them. It wouldn’t work at all.

Casino employees are, thus, very necessary. If you haven’t ever considered a career at a land-based casino, then salary won’t have come up, either. So, what exactly does a casino worker earn on average every year? Well, this all depends upon the role that you’re working in. A casino croupier and a security guard won’t earn the same amount, of course. Here, we’ll have a look at some of the positions and what the general salary looks like.

Casino Dealer/Croupier/Attendant

chuck a luck tableThe employees that most customers come into contact with are the dealers. These are the people who stand or sit behind the tables within the casino. Once players sit down to enjoy a round, they spring into action. They deal cards out in blackjack, baccarat and so on. They spin the ball into the wheel in roulette. In all instances, they take bets from the players at the table, and provide payouts when they win. Croupiers have a lot to do when working a shift at a casino, and this includes keeping customers happy. Thus, it is important to have good customer service skills.

Even though this is the case, the average base salary for a casino dealer isn’t that high. It sits at around the same level as a general shop worker, bringing in minimum wage. Thus, as a croupier, at least at starting level, you can expect to earn around £24,000 per year.

The top companies for casino dealers in the United Kingdom are as follows:

  • Rank Group Plc – average salary of £23,994 per year
  • Grosvenor Casinos – average salary of £23,848 per year
  • Palatial Leisure Limited – average salary of £23,006 per year
  • Aspers Group – average salary of £22,786 per year
  • Hippodrome Casino – average salary of £22,545 per year
  • Genting – average salary of £20,978 per year

Something else that affects the amount of salary paid to dealers is location. Someone based in London working as a croupier can get around £24,604 on average in such a role. Someone in the same position working in Birmingham receives £21,000 on average. Meanwhile, a dealer in Cardiff gets around £19,800 per year.

Slot machines exist within most land-based casinos, too. These machines need attendants standing by to assist customers. Should these players hit a big payout, they need to be there. They need to exchange currency for them. Instructions on playing the slots games is also provided through these attendants. General casino information is something that they are also turned to for. Slot attendants receive a similar sort of salary to croupiers. Their jobs entail much of the same – keeping customers happy. Top casinos in the UK for slot attendant salaries include Grosvenor and Genting.

Casino Manager

slot machines on casino floorA casino manager handles the everyday running of the casino. They ensure all staff members are doing their jobs, keep a track of finances, set up sales targets, and so on. Should a floor-based employee not be able to handle a customer complaint, the manager steps in. Usually, managers will have to work longer hours than those employees under them. They will need to ensure the opening and closing of the venue if it isn’t open 24/7. They also need to ensure stock levels remain high of casino items. There is a lot more responsibility that comes with being a casino manager. Thus, the salary is, of course, higher.

There is quite a difference in the salary of casino managers from company to company, though. The average salary in the London area for a casino manager is around £53,000 per year. Average extra cash compensation for such a worker in London is around £8,000. Yet if you were to compare that with the average for managers in Grosvenor Casinos, there is a difference. A very noticeable difference, too. According to Indeed, Grosvenor Casinos managers earn around £27,000. That’s a hefty amount below the national average. Take that data with a pinch of salt, as it comes from information submitted by employees.

The likelihood is that it’s higher up the scale, in general. For areas outside of London, it is more likely to be £33,000+, with maximums being £47,000 or so. That’s still below the salary average in the capital city, yet more understandable.

Casino Security

man being thrown out of a casino by security illustrationSecurity guards are a necessity in many walks of life. They handle rambunctious visitors in pubs and clubs. They operate security gates to parking lots and buildings. They walk around shopping malls, airports and other public spaces. As is the case for all those instances, security personnel operate in casinos, too. Usually, you won’t see too much of them, as they are within a security room. This sees them monitoring cameras to look out for players causing issues. They will also often stand at the doors of the casino, restricting entry to suspicious people. Because of how much money is in action within a casino, they are a necessity.

Their job can sometimes become rough, requiring them to evict people from the casino. That’s not always a simple procedure, especially if players aren’t willing to leave. In 2016, James Packer visited the Crown Casino in Australia. While there, he entered into an altercation with a security guard. The casino employee claimed Packer screamed at him and pushed him aside. This came about after he denied the billionaire entry to the casino. The security guard didn’t recognise Packer and his senior Crown executive friend. As a result, he declined to let them into a specific section of the venue. After the altercation, he went to hospital for pain and shock. He was then fired, although Crown itself denied the last part.

There is much more of a risk factor for security staff because of instances like this. That’s why their salary tends to be higher than croupiers and slot attendants. According to Glassdoor, security guards in UK casinos tend to earn an average of around £47,500 per year.

Casino Host

Businessman Wearing CrownIt may be the case that you’ve never heard of a casino host before. If so, then allow us to inform you of their role. Casino hosts work on guest outreach and brand management. In essence, they set up VIP programs or other loyalty schemes for their casino. They then work with guests within those programs to meet their requirements. While this may seem like it is quite tailored to VIP players, it’s not.

Casino hosts do cater to them, don’t get us wrong. Yet they do also try to accommodate to all other casino visitors, too. A casino host often has a booth set up near the entrance to the casino. This way, they can attract your attention from the first moment you arrive.

It’s also not uncommon for them to walk around the casino floor and engage in conversation with you. They’ll explain the benefits of whatever program they’re pushing at the time. You could call them glorified salespeople, if you like. Not something you’d expect to find in a casino, right? After all, you’re there to spend your money already. But the loyalty programs are ideal ways to get more out of your gaming experience at a casino.

Casino hosts aren’t particularly well paid for their efforts, though. The national average salary for such an employee is around £22,000 per year in the UK. If you compare that with a casino host in the USA, there is a big difference. Across the pond, casino hosts earn around $42,500 (£35,200). Yet they are much more common there. A casino host flogging their wares is something that is more expected in the USA. In the UK, they aren’t quite as active, although do still exist.

Pit Clerk & Boss

gaming table in the venetian las vegasA pit clerk works on the casino floor, ensuring that all games run in a smooth and effective way. Anyone in this role will walk around the floor on a regular basis. They will check the dealers at each of the available tables. Plus, they keep a track of how many people are inside the venue to prevent overcrowding.

Pit clerks will work together alongside a pit boss to complete their daily tasks. Between them, they look out for improper dealing taking place and any cheating going on. While that seems like the role of a security guard, it’s not quite the same. Pit bosses and clerks tend to focus on individual tables or areas for extended periods of time. Security guards cover the whole of the casino venue, ensuring its safety.

In general, the average salary for a pit boss in the United Kingdom is around £34,500 per year. In the USA, someone in the same position tends to earn around $60,000 (£49,500). That’s a smaller casino, too. At the larger venues, they can earn upwards of $90,000 (£74,500) per year.

Casino Cashiers

casino cashier and winner illustrationThe final role that is often overlooked in casinos is the cashier. Yet they remain an essential part of day-to-day operations. They work in the same way as cashiers at your local bank. As such, they are in charge of money management within the casino. It is up to them to help guests deal with their credit and debit cards. They will exchange money for casino chips and ensure they get a proper payout. Without the cage cashiers, there would be no money exchange, no gameplay, and no cash outs.

They are, unfortunately, paid a similar salary to croupiers and other floor staff. Thus, the national average salary for casino cashiers is about £23,260. That sits on the same wavelength as cashiers working in supermarkets or other shops.