What Is the Hardest Casino Game to Play?

lad based casinoAnyone who has looked at casino game lobbies will know that they often feature many options. These appeal to different types of players, making casinos themselves more inviting. Slot players tend to stick with slots, while blackjack fans are intent on playing such, too.

It is needless to say, of course, that some of these games are harder to play than others. They take a lot more time and focus to get right. Others only need someone to place a bet and hit a button to reveal an outcome. With this in mind, we thought it prominent to take a look at the hardest casino games to play.

What games are more demanding of their players? Which ones need you to know a lot more about the process and rules behind gameplay? In this guide, we’ll uncover some of the harder casino games available today. We also want to check into if this affects the popularity level of those games. In comparison to those with easier setups, it must have some impact, right? Here, we’re going to take a look at the gambling world’s hardest games to play.

Part of the thrill of playing casino releases is the challenge they sometimes bring. Often times, this is what players will look forward to the most in gaming. That’s irrespective of whether they win or lose in the end. If that relates to you, then take a look at the games that bring bigger challenges below.


crapsMany people forget about the fact that craps exists as a casino game. Amongst the roulette, poker and blackjack tables, it sometimes fades into the background. Yet it can prove to be a compelling option to select. It has gained more notoriety in recent times thanks to appearing in films and TV shows. In these circumstances, it may look like a game where people roll a pair of dice, and that’s it. Yet craps is a lot more complex than that. The game has an expansive set of rules and specific lingo utilised by players.

When you combine that with the quick-paced style of gameplay, it becomes intimidating. For your first few attempts at playing it, you may get lost in the craps world. You may even believe it to be impossible to understand at first. Yes, rolling 7s or 11s doesn’t sound altogether complicated, and as a base rule, it isn’t. It’s once the dice hit the table that things can become a little more confusing. Plus, there is, in comparison to other games, a high number of bets within craps.

A good place to start with the game is to familiarise yourself with craps terminology. Regular players will often spit these words and terms out as if it’s second nature. For them, it will be. For you (and other newcomers), that won’t be the case. The more you learn about these phrases and terms, the easier things will become. If you don’t speak “craps language”, you’re setting yourself up for a fall. You’ll also have to get used to the fast-paced nature of craps. Try playing it online first at your own pace and then turn to a live dealer version. This will up the speed for you and you can see how you cope.

Craps stands out as being the most popular casino game utilising dice. Thanks to its appearance in many movies and other media, it experienced an injection of popularity. You can watch films like Indecent Proposal, Diamonds Are Forever, Guys & Dolls, and more. They all feature significant craps play within them, and this has helped it in reality. It also appeared in an episode of Friends, which was set in Las Vegas. The craps table(s) within casinos will always have a certain amount of popularity due to these. As long as you put a lot of focus into what you’re doing, you’ll get the hang of it.


Roulette CroupierWhen it comes to roulette, the game as a whole looks difficult. The table that is for betting on features so many numbers and wagering options. Then there’s the spinning wheel and the dealer controlling things. It all comes across as being a little overwhelming. Again, roulette has appeared in many pop culture releases, bringing it a certain level of appeal. Most people believe it to be a game about balls and random numbers. Well, that is a very scattered idea of what roulette offers. There is more to the game than this, but you won’t realise it if you only watch others playing.

It is key to note that there are certain variations that are harder than others. American Roulette and Triple Zero Roulette, for example. These versions both increases the house edge, making it harder for you to secure a payout. Double-Ball Roulette is another harder variation to take note of before playing.

If you want to learn about playing roulette, then it is best to start from the basics. You have to be ready for a bit of a rough ride when proceeding. It takes time and patience to figure things out and place appropriate bets. Many people will opt to stick with bets that offer 50/50 chances. They include red or black, odd or even, for example. These are much safer bets to place in roulette that offer more opportunity for payouts. Yet you need to know about the remaining bet options as well. There is a significant number of wagering choices in the game. Mastering roulette will ensure you know how to get the most out of these betting options. It all depends upon if you have the patience to study it enough.

When you get right down to it, roulette is only tough if you let it be. You can place safer bets to reduce the risk. You can also play European Roulette, which has a lower house edge. That is much more beneficial to you as the gamer. In the end, once you know what you’re doing, the difficulty of roulette decreases.


baccarat table

What can be so difficult about placing a bet on a banker or player hand being the better one? Well, if you look at it like that, then there isn’t much difficult at all. Yet there are many more rules in baccarat to consider than that basic goal. While the result does base itself on tallying up the total of cards, the scoring differs to the norm. The highest score you can experience from cards in baccarat is 9. How does that work if a hand receives an 8 and a 10 card? After all, combining those numbers gives you a total of 18, right?

Well, if the cards do amount to more than 10, the digit on the right-hand is the score. In the example above, the score would be 8, not 10. The fact that there are rules behind baccarat like this haven’t affected its popularity, though. As it happens, baccarat overtook blackjack as the biggest lure in U.S. casinos in 2012. Some players wager up to $100,000 per hand in it.

Baccarat is even linked with a notorious scandal from the 19th century. Known as the Tranby Croft affair, this scandal involved the Prince of Wales at the time. He would go on to become King Edward VII. The prince was so fond of baccarat that he used to carry his own set of counters with him.

It’s simple to always place a bet on the banker hand being the winner. That’s the strategy that many baccarat players utilise. It’s a safe one to go for as well. Yet if you want to maximise your profit potential from the game, you’ll need to go a bit further. This is what makes baccarat tougher to understand on the whole. Knowing when the dealer will add extra cards to hands is important. Plus, being able to total up and determine the value of a baccarat hand is another key element.


man playing pokerIt was inevitable that poker would be a part of this selection of casino games. Regardless of which version of poker you play, there is no possible way of getting an easy win with it. Of course, you’ll need to learn about the different types of hands you can form. Yet after a few games, this is quite simple to remember. Learning the basics of gameplay is, on the whole, easy as well. Yet mastering the necessary skills to take it to the next level is where the toughness comes in.

Having the best hand in a round of poker requires knowledge and patience. You not only need to keep focus on your own hand but keep a close eye on others at the table. Some players have tells when they are bluffing or covering up a great hand. You need to try and figure your opponents out before placing a bet in proceeding rounds etc. Knowing when to wager and when not to is paramount. Otherwise, you’re not likely to capture the money pot.

The fact that poker can be quite a ruthless game for some does make people turn away from it. There is a bit of a stigma attached to the game, which hasn’t helped. It has also suffered through legal issues in many countries, too. Others refer to it as a casino game of skill and it stands out in a better way against other games. Whatever the case may be, to a newcomer, poker can be very daunting.

It’s a common mistake of newcomers to go “all-in” all the time. This, they often believe, will scare the competition into folding. Yet in the end, you’ll lose with this sort of system. You need to understand when the most appropriate times to gamble are in poker. Let your bankroll increase at a slower pace instead. Go with the flow and see if you can understand which direction the game is going in. Be flexible with your playing strategy. That is, of course, a lot to remember for a casino game. If you compare that with a slot game where all you need to do is bet and spin, it’s complicated.

Yet poker is still a popular game for many, and there are people around the world who play it as a profession. Of course, they are very skilled at the game, so it isn’t as difficult for them to engage in. Estimates suggest that there are 100 million online poker players around the globe, too. Of that number, 60 million of them live in the United States of America.

gaming table in the venetian las vegasIt would be common to consider something that is harder to learn as less popular. The general thought process is that people go to casinos to have an enjoyable time. If a game like poker or craps is too taxing, then this won’t end up happening. It’s more likely that players will become frustrated, right?

Well, you may find it quite startling to realise that this isn’t the case. Yes, slots and blackjack games do remain a lot more popular for a reason. They’re simpler to understand and play, providing quick entertainment to gamers. This doesn’t mean that roulette, baccarat and the others are lacking in popularity, though. There are those gamblers who love that challenge of overcoming a game. Whether that’s in an online environment or physical one, the thrill remains. For those gamers, the challenge is what drives them to play. Becoming an expert in the field of craps for example is like a win for them anyway. Regardless of if the outcome in the end sees them losing, it’s of little consequence.

Don’t misunderstand us, though. If you went into a land-based casino, you wouldn’t find a floor full of craps tables. Slot machines would still be a dominant feature, as would blackjack and roulette. Games like craps and baccarat would likely be present too, but in smaller numbers. It may be the case that only a single table is available for both games. That’s because the majority of people visit casinos for fun and entertainment. The group of people who enjoy the challenge side of things aren’t as common. They do still exist, which doesn’t negate the presence of craps tables. Yet they’re much more of a select group of gamers.