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Yggdrasil to Launch Publishing Arm at ICE

Kicking off the new year, and the new decade, in style, Yggdrasil have seriously upped their game and branched out, announcing that they will be launching a publishing division.

In their own words, they are offering their customers the “keys to their kingdom”, which if you know anything about Yggdrasil is quite the attractive offer.

It’s also a sign that the well known software developer are ready to move into the big leagues and take things to the next level.

Launching at ICE 2020

ICE London 2020

Yggdrasil hired Björn Krantz this month, an industry executive with bucket loads of experience, who will be travelling to ICE London in February to officially launch the publishing arm and chat to potential customers.

He said:

“We are really excited to showcase our new Publishing business which will give operators, studios and suppliers all the tools, tech and knowledge to take control of their content production and distribution and create unique player experiences.”

The 3 core value propositions that will hopefully attract new custom are:

  1. YG Franchise (platform IP licensing)
  2. YG Masters (game development and distribution program)
  3. YG Game IP (game IP licensing)

In a short space of time Yggdrasil have built a solid reputation creating some of the most innovative online gaming content on the market, as well as their platform and software solutions, so this offer will likely carry strong of appeal to potential customers.

Yggdrasil Publishing

FranchiseWhat this will mean for Yggdrasil’s customers, is that they can essentially franchise all of the company’s current and future content portfolio (games, etc.), their gamification, game adaption tools and interface, and advanced platform technology.

This means they will have all of the tools they need to build their own B2B gaming business and offer it on. They will also have the support of the team at Yggdrasil as they do it.

The option also exists to license all or just some of the technologies created by Yggdrasil, so they have full flexibility to pick and choose as they see fit.