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Cash Truck by Quickspin: New Apocalyptic Slot

Quickspin have a monster of a slot hitting the casinos this month, and i’ve been playing it a lot this morning to see what I think.

It’s called Cash Truck and is set in a dystopian future full of masked raiders, improvised weaponry, and the long open desert road.

To be honest it’s a blatant rip off of Mad Max, not that Quickspin would ever admit that, but a few seconds of playing is all you need to spot the similarities.

That’s not a problem for me, slot developers do this all the time, and in fact this sort of theme is right up my proverbial alley.

It actually helps to create a steamroller of a slot, because the theme allows for heavy music to get you pumped, and a cool dangerous look too, since the play area is actually the back of a moving truck full of cash.

Game Setup

Cash Truck Quickspin

This is a game that uses tumbling reels, but what I like about it is that it also uses an expanding grid, so the play area can increase.

On the face of it the game plays on a 5 x 4 grid, but there is another 5 x 3 grid on top of it where you can see the symbols that will drop next should you hit a win.

However, each consecutive win will also make 3 spaces on the next row of this extra 5 x 3 grid active, and since the game pays out on any matching symbols from left to right (i.e no fixed paylines) this creates further winning opportunities.

This, along with the addition of wilds and bonus symbols makes the base game really compelling.

A few of the basics:

  • Max Win – 25,000x
  • Minimum Bet – 0.20p
  • Paylines – 1024 Ways
  • RTP – 96.00% (96.56% or 96.83% when buying the bonus rounds)
  • Volatility- Medium to High

I’m not 100% sure on the volatility here which is why I put a range. Officially it is a high volatility game but that was not my experience at all.

Base Game Features

Cash truck Second Chance
Second Chance Feature Step by Step

I mentioned the wilds and bonus symbols just now, so lets look at them in more detail.

The wild is just a normal wild, although it’s worth saying that loads of them seem to drop, so you can expect to benefit from them often. I landed a 52x win thanks to some well placed wilds on about my 10th spin.

The bonus symbols serve 2 purposes:

  1. Second Chance Feature – If you land 2 bonus symbols on the regular play area during the base game then this feature will trigger. It basically clears the grid and gives you a second go, except it also frees up 3 of the spaces on the extra grid, so it acts as a win in that respect too.
  2. Truck Stop Feature – This is the real bonus round of the game, and is triggered by 3 bonus symbols showing up.

I’ll cover the Truck Stop feature in a second, as it’s complex, but these bonus symbols seem to crop up fairly regularly as well, so the second chance feature is fairly likely to hit at some point at least.

The Truck Stop round might be less likely to trigger as you need 3 bonus symbols rather than two, but there is the option to buy your way in if you are happy to fork out for it.

Truck Stop Bonus Round

Cash Truck Bonus RoundLike I said, there is quite a lot going on in this round.

You are given 3 free spins, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but for every spin that results in a new symbol landing on the reels those 3 free spins are reset, so the round can last quite a long time actually.

The only symbols that will land during the bonus round are cash piles which are constantly having multipliers added to them, and a number of enhancement symbols which do things like expand the play area, double the multipliers, boost other symbols, etc.

All symbols that land are fixed for the entirety of the bonus round, and this is how the cash stacks up.

I bought my way in for £360 with a guaranteed Doubler symbol, which is a symbol that doubles in value every time the spin counter resets to 3, so it’s incredibly powerful.

I won 2339x which, when you take away the £360 (betting £1 a spin), would give me a £1,979 profit if it was real money. Sadly, I was playing with fun money.

Obviously it is also possible to win less than you paid to trigger the round though, so that’s a risk you have to decide on for yourself; the option to buy in without a Doubler was £90, and when I did that I only won 86x.

Thumbs Up NerdFor me? Absolutely yes.

It really held my attention and it felt generous enough during my play session to make it worth continuing to play, even without the big bonus round win.

I really enjoy games that are fun on every spin, rather than just on the bonus rounds, and this one ticks that box for me.

That said, the bonus round is pretty exciting and the only place to win really big (the max win is 25,000x), but you can still win chunky numbers in the base game that would pay for a weeks shopping or a good night out for example.

The theme might not be for everyone, but i’m a fan of games that feel more grown up, and Cash Truck is definitely along those lines.

It’s a bit like a Nolimit City game come to think of it, so if you are a fan of San Quentin or anything like that then this one will probably work for you as well.