Booming Games

Booming Games LogoBooming Games aren’t one of the big well known game developers in the online slot industry, but since 2015, they have been producing titles that players who try them love.

What’s more, they are a developer who take their responsibilities seriously, creating games that are specifically designed to have a more mature appearance.

This means you won’t get childish cartoon characters and big sparkly eyed animals all over your games, but something a bit more grown up – although that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun.

There is a lot of humour to be found in the slots that Booing Games develop, and they are dynamic too, with some nice features that keep gameplay varied and interesting.

The company is based in Malta, but their games are available in several regions across the world, with the UK being one of them.

What are Booming Games Slots Like?

Booming Games Slots

If you are a slot player who enjoys multi-layered games, but you don’t like the chaos of the titles that some industry disrupting game developers create (I’m looking at you NoLimit City), then Booming Games are for you.

With these guys, you get the same high levels of activity but without the frenetic animations and overly complex gameplay.

A great example is a game called Smoking Pistols.

Ok, so the Wild West theme isn’t going to win any awards for originality, but, the art work is lovely and the gameplay is superb.

A 6×4 grid expands by 1 row after a win, with winning symbols shot away and new ones dropping in, creating the opportunity for a long string of wins on an ever growing grid.

For a base level spin then, there are 4,096 ways to win, but if you get to the maximum 6×8 grid size, that swells to 262,144 ways to win.

Booming Games Smoking Guns

Booming Games have enhanced the base game with 5 different types of wild too, as well as a random second chance feature, and scatters to trigger freespins. So there is loads going on, but none of it is manic.

I like that players can interact with the symbols to check what they are worth in combinations too. This comes instead of a paytable so again, it’s a bit different and makes the game itself feel more all encompassing.

This is just one example of what I mean, but since the company release two games a month on average, there are plenty more that demonstrate the point.

I think at the heart of Booming Games’ approach, is that they focus on gameplay and user experience, so while they might not grab headlines, once you play their titles you will certainly remember them.

Classic Themed Games

Booming Games Jesters Riches

Although Booming Games develop titles with lots of different themes, they always seem to come back to more classic style games every few months.

This doesn’t mean they create old fashioned games though, instead, they use the slot games of old to inspire the new ones they produce.

Jester’s Riches is a good example, because although it is only a 3 reeler, is contains free spins, a wild, and of course the Jester symbol which is the route to the biggest payout.

The game is laid out in the old style, but the visuals, animations, and sound production are all next level brilliant, resulting in an energetic game that is super enjoyable.

Another example would be Cash Pig, a game that is based on the traditional 5 reel slots that were around in the early days of online casinos.

Booming Games Cash Pig

It’s a dazzling riches themed game with simple but effective features that trigger frequently, so although the game doesn’t have loads of depth, it’s constantly grabbing your attention.

The cash collect symbols do a lot of the work here, with high value coin symbols landing on reels 1-4, which are collected if a ‘Collect’ symbol also lands on reel 5.

During the freespins round, if low value symbols create a win they are removed from remaining spins (so more high value symbols drop), while any high value symbols that create a win turn gold and are upgraded.

You can see the value in the bonus round then, and imagine how exciting it would be.

Responsible Product Design

Booming Games DesignAs touched on in the intro, Booming Games are not just a mouthpiece for responsible gaming, they back up their words with action.

Their games are not only designed to appeal only to adults, but the way in which they play out has been well thought out too.

There are 3 key targets:

  • They don’t want players to chase losses
  • Games will not encourage players to increase their stake
  • Games will not encourage players to keep playing after they have indicated they want to stop

Their games also come with tools players can use such as a visible clock to show how long the player has been spinning the reels, a gameplay settings such as a spend limit or loss limit, and reality checks.

They like to make sure their partners don’t market their games in non-responsible ways too, so Booming Games are genuinely a company that set an example others should follow.

About the Company

Booming Games Slot Company

When hiring, the majority of companies look for people who are excellent at their jobs, that goes without saying.

At Booming Games, they go a step further, and really focus on who the person is as well as their skillset.

There is a specific working culture at Booming Games which the company are keen to protect and nurture, because in their view, it is one of the drivers of their success.

Their core values are:

  • Humility – The ability to accept feedback, learn, and grow.
  • Go Getting and Go Giving – Enthusiastic problem solvers and actively wanting to help others.
  • Self Development – Never happy standing still, always pushing to improve.
  • Co-Ownership – Owning your decisions and as well as the games you are working on.
  • Inclusive Collaboration – Everyone has a voice and ideas from all departments are welcome.
  • Intelligent Urgency – Working at pace but with strategy and focus.

I have to say that this approach to recruitment looks to be working for them, especially given the range and quality of the games they have produced so far.

Booming Games Company Culture

Starting at the top, the management have enough experience to guide their teams but still allow them ownership over the products they are developing, fostering an environment that empowers their people and encourages creativity.

The tech team work with cutting edge software that enables them to design the most engaging and exciting slot experiences from the back end, while also prioritising scalability, integration, and performance, so that their clients’ lives are made easier.

Then there is the art team, designing the elements that me and you see and interact with. Their attention to detail and precision when designing characters and game worlds is second to none, pulling their audience in and immersing them in the games that they play.

The company employ more than 170 people from 40 different countries, so it’s quite a feat for them to maintain this open and collaborative working practice with such a large team,