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betableFounded by Christopher Griffin in London in 2008, the company initially the idea was to allow people to place bets on things in a social-orientated gaming site; essentially trying to bring the notion of a real-life casino to the online world.

In the years that followed, Betable grew and grew to become one of the largest real-money gambling platforms out there.

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The Betable Story

betable storyHaving founded Betable as a service that allowed users to place bets on a social-based gambling site, Christopher Griffin and his team turned to Atomico Ventures in July of 2010 in order to raise some seed money to take the service to the next level. They managed to raise around $3 million.

Two years later and Griffin decided to re-launch the company, shifting it away from being a site where users could place bets to being a platform for real-money gambling.

They released their BETA program in July of that year, meaning that developers could begin to integrate the Betable features into their games.

betable story

Within a few months the company had partnered with some big name game developers, including Murka Games, Digital Chocolate and Slingo.

The developers incorporated Betable’s betting strategies into their games and began to monetise them, with Mendala Games also joining the platform from November 2012.

betable story

Within a year the company decided to raise more capital, doing so with Venture 51 and seeing their coffers expanded to the tune of $18.5 million.

It came on the back of Betable making the news thanks to a TechCrunch April Fools’ joke, in which the website created a hoax slot machine that was being powered by Betable’s software.

The Betable Engine

betable engine problemIt’s clear that the company needed to find a niche in an ever-more populated marketplace, so they looked at the problem facing developers.

They noticed something, which was that it was both costly and time-consuming for developers to create technology that would be gambling license compliant. The regulatory systems are there for the purposes of compliance, but even the biggest licensed developers get slowed down by them.

betable engine solutionThe solution was the creation of the Betable Engine, which was designed to give developers a toolkit that would allow them to access the tools to create their own real money game, certify and launch it. Because it’s done with the Betable Engine there’s no need for developers to apply for their own license or worry about compliance.

The fact that Betable are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission means that developers can create games and market them in a number of jurisdictions.

Helping Developers Retain Players

One of the other big problems with real-money games comes in the form of understanding what players want from their games and, as a result, how to retain them.

Betable came up with a system called Betable Reach, which gives developers a chance to figure out both of those things.

The aim of Reach is to allow developers to understand the behaviour of the players using their games, regardless of where in the gaming ecosystem they’ve discovered their game. The result is the ability to give users a more personalised experience, which in turn results in a higher rate of retainment.

The important thing for developers is that Betable reach takes care of everything, from payment and risk prevention through to customer support and compliance.

As Betable are the merchant of record for everything in terms of transactions and compliance, it takes the risk away from developers and allows them to be up and running with their new games within days.

The White Label Casino Solution

prospect hall casino screenshotOne of the most attractive things offered by Betable for companies that want to have an online casino without the hassle of needing to worry about setting one up is the company’s White Label casino.

Optimised for mobile phones, it lets customers access hundreds of real-money games in an easy to personalise mobile casino.

The idea behind the White Label casino is that customers can immerse themselves in the experience, taking advantage of free games on a daily basis as well as tournaments and other achievements that encourage return play.

That it is connected to the Betable Wallet, which is a payment, identity and loyalty system, makes it even easier for those using it to take advantage of it.

Why Companies Like What Betable Offer

betable services

Put simply, the API offered by Betable allows companies and developers to monetise their games, adding the functionality of real-money gambling to whatever they want.

Developers can either create their own versions of traditional casino games, such as blackjack and roulette, or else create something unique but add Betable’s system to it.

The fact that all of the real-money compliance tasks like ID-checking, auditing and safeguards are controlled by Betable makes it so much easier for companies to get games live as quickly as possible.

It means that companies can avoid more intrusive monetisation methods such as banner ads, adding the betting features into the games themselves.

Casinos and Projects

prospect-hall-casinoProspect Hall Casino was launched in February of 2015 by Betable and saw an iOS specific mobile casino welcomed in to the App Store.

Regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the UK Gambling Commission, the casino features bespoke content from the Betable stable.

Another comes in the form of Temple Slots, the name of which gives you the important information. The site launched in the summer of 2018 and allows users to play all of their favourite slot games via a casino that is part of the Betable repertoire. With a VIP section and numerous promotions to take advantage of, it offers everything that users expect from an online casino.

There are countless other casinos that work with the Betable system, such as Dice City Casino, which linked up with the company in order to offer punters a more-user friendly system with speedier withdrawals, but these are the most obvious examples of sites that boast a link to what Betable has to offer.