New Slots and Casino Game Developers

Online Game Developers

Everyone knows the likes of NetEnt and Microgaming, old stalwarts that were there for the birth of the online gambling industry, and even the young guns of days gone by are now household names among slot players.

These days, there are a new breed of game studios trying to make their mark on the industry, and with an audience that is hungrier for new and original content than ever, competition is hot.

Some are trying to follow in the footsteps of the old guard, while others are more interested in carving their own path, and it is the latter we are interested in here.

The following are a few young companies who are trying to bring something new to online gaming, coming up with the most innovative ideas and game features and setting themselves up as the Yggdrasils and PlaynGOs of tomorrow.

New Online Slot Studios

Booming Games

Booming Games Logo Small

You could describe Booming Games as the quiet man of the online slot industry, despite the fact that their name implies the opposite.

Their games are brilliant, with clever structure, design, and models that make them incredibly fun to play. They looks fantastic too, but this isn't the sort of company that tends to get headlines.

They might not be loud and showy, but their content sets the bar. They release games that are eminently playable, classy, and with a leaning towards classic or traditional themes.

Red Stone Gaming

Red Stone Gaming Logo Small

A Serbian studio set up by a young team in 2021, Red Stone Gaming are something of a paradox.

Most of them are probably too young to remember the early days of online slotting, but classic games is the specific corner of the market they have chosen to focus on.

Red Stone keep game mechanics simple, but behind the scenes, their games are super powerful, built on their own in-house game engine, but remain light weight so they are optimised for mobile use.


SlotMill Logo Small

This is a small firm that is all about increasing the quality and performance of their games while reducing the load on your device.

Having mastered the art of developing exciting HD games that demand much less data and power to load and run than many of their rivals, SlotMill are becoming understandably popular with operators and players alike.

They release about 10 games each year, and although their biggest extra features are not available in the UK due to the laws around them, the in game features and general gameplay are more than enough to keep players happy.

Skillzz Gaming

Some studios try to set themselves apart from the competition by coming up with new types of slot feature, or by using a very distinct visual style, for example.

Skillzz Gaming, on the other hand, decided to create a brand new genre of game entirely; casual games with real money wagering.

These guys are a breath of fresh air in a very busy industry, you could almost call what they are doing revolutionary, and they are therefore one of the few studios who can honestly claim to create games that are truly unique.

Golden Rock Studios

Unique bonus features and award winning maths models are at the heart of everything Golden Rock Studios do, and they are just as talented in the table games department as they are with slots.

You could describe them as a generous game developer too given the increased RTPs available in some of their table games, and the huge potential payouts available in some of their slots.

Formed in Gibraltar in 2018 by two William Hill top bods, Golden Rock Studios started in a strong position and laid solid foundations which have helped them through the doors of over 200 online casinos.

Armadillo Studios

Armadillo Studios Logo

Armadillo Studios get back to what slotting used to be all about, which is gameplay with real substance, depth, and loads of entertainment value.

Sure their slots look good, but this is not the main focus for Armadillo Studios. Flashy graphics are easy enough to come by nowadays, but graphics do not make the game playable, the mechanics and maths model behind it do.

Armadillo are actually an in house studio of EveryMatrix, so they had something of an advantage when they were set up in 2021, as well as a direct line to casinos all over the world, although America was the prime target when they first launched.

Peter and Sons

Peter and Sons certainly know how to make their games stand out visually. You could probably pick one of their game tiles out from a busy casino page, and when the game opens you are in for a real treat.

It's not just the way they look though. The maths model and game mechanics behind what you see on the screen are equally well thought through and put together, which makes gameplay super engaging.

Peter and Sons sounds like a small family run furniture business, but in reality it is a company of international experts in casino and mobile gaming, and founded by slot enthusiasts.

Crazy Tooth Studio

Crazy Tooth Studios are the absolute dons at creating new an innovative game mechanics. They have more of them than some new studios have total slots - it's ridiculous.

Having been around since 2011, Crazy Tooth have a longer list of titles, and the fact that they are all still so unique is testament to the studio's mission to stay inventive and keep surprising their players.

Their own CTS Arsenal framework and platform helps them to get games to market quickly without compromising on quality in any area, and their exclusive deal with Microgaming shows their pedigree.

Habanero Systems

Habanero Logo

Having been around since 2012, Habanero are arguably a little long in the tooth to be classed as a new software developer, but they are not yet widely recognised in the UK, so they may well be new to you.

It's not just slots they develop at Habanero either - although their slots are very very good - they also create table games and video poker, and their attention to detail in designing them is second to none.

An extremely well rounded developer with slots of all shapes, sizes and styles, their experience allows them to take a more understated approach.


Unlike a lot of other developers on this list, SYNOT Gaming are actually part of a much larger overall company, SYNOT Group.

They create serious slot games for serious players, all backed with an awful lot of industry experience and a focus on playability over flashy or faddy new features.

Of course their games do still utilise fun in-game features, and their casino partners even have some control over which ones are used in which games, making their slots extremely flexible for the operator as well as extremely fun for the player.

Mancala Gaming

Mancala Gaming Logo

Mancala Gaming is a young company founded in 2019 which focusses on generation Y (that's millennials - those born in the 1980s and 1990s) as it's target audience.

This is a developer that you can't quite pin down, you are never sure what they are going to do next, but there will always be a game in their roster that will appeal.

Available around the world, their games are built by a team who are empowered to bring bold ideas to the table, and never stay silent if they have something to say, making their game studio a breeding ground for creativity.


Endorphina Logo

For player's who prefer a smoother, more laid back slot session, Endorphina have 100+ titles that fit the bill.

They develop perhaps the best looking games I have ever seen, and are specialists in the classic slot theme, although their portfolio goes way beyond that.

An antidote to the hectic and sometimes chaotic landscape of online slot games, Endorphina's 12+ years of experience give them the confidence to undercut the noise, and trust that beautiful games which play like a dream backed up by reliable tech is all they need to focus on.

Gong Gaming

Gong Gaming Logo

A small software developer with mighty friends that is headquartered in Bulgaria, Gong were set up in 2020 and already work closely with Microgaming.

Gong Gaming Technologies is not a company that is trying to rock the industry with new proprietary in game features, but they are ingenious in their use of taking pre-existing features and giving them an innovative twist.

Their games are ideal for players who don't like slots to be overcomplicated or too in your face, but still want something that is interesting, contemporary, and engaging.

Print Studios Logo

They may only have been operating since 2020, but Print Studios were set up by a team of industry veterans, so while they might be a new name in the industry there is plenty of experience running things in the background.

Their aim is to make slots that people play for years rather than endlessly churning out new games that disappear just as quickly as they arrive.

Based in Malta and already building strong links with online casinos on the continent, their games are also available at some casinos in the UK and will suit players who like games with more depth.


Gamebeat Logo Small

A relatively new addition to the scene, Russia based Gamebeat are all about making their games as efficient and powerful as possible.

To this end, they have worked hard on their backend capabilities first and foremost, giving them a suite of games that run perfectly on all devices with less work required from those devices, plus enviable record breaking load times.

The games themselves are excellent without being industry changing, boasting beautiful graphics and stellar sound scores that Hollywood films would be proud of.

PearFiction Studios

PearFiction Studios Logo

They might have started off making casual games for mobile, but this previous experience has actually given PearFiction Studios a unique approach to their online slots.

Their commitment to creating games that are dynamic and fun throughout, not just during bonus rounds, combined with their zany cartoon style complete with frenetic sound effects and animations makes their games a riot to play.

Partnering with some of the biggest and more established names in the industry has given PearFiction a much wider audience of late, and their future is looking very bright indeed.

Fantasma Games

A Swedish based company that has only been operating since 2017 but has already released games in conjunction with huge names like Microgaming, giving their portfolio a global reach.

Fantasma are on a mission to create the best one handed games (mobile use) and to give them a gaming edge - they want to create slots beyond gambling.

This doesn't mean story based slots, rather games that push the boundaries of what players might expect from a slot game, utilising interesting new concepts of gameplay and game structure then backing them up with pixel perfect graphics and exhilarating sound design.

Iron Dog Studios

A game studio operating with the 1x2 Network of companies, Iron Dog Studio walks the line perfectly between games with a conventional feel but a thoroughly modern technical build.

Great for players with perhaps more mature tastes who prefer their games not to be an assault on the senses, but still want all the benefits of contemporary features and winning potential.

This is also one of the handful of studios who can boast a Megaways license, so for fans of this particular game mechanic there are plenty of choices at Iron Dog Studio.


Estonian game studio Foxium was established in 2015 and fostered great relationships with top companies in order to get their games to the masses.

The absolute boss of audio-visual performance, their games look and sound incredible, with strong leading characters and interesting gameplay that is full of features.

Active in the UK since 2017, Foxium games are widely available thanks to their exclusive partnership with the Quickfire platform.

Kalamba Games

Kalamba are all about making each game truly unique using a mixture of their own multi-functional in game features, and really tailoring them to the theme.

Only open for business since 2016, Kalamba's games are available in 30 languages across more than 350 brands worldwide, playable using 250+ currencies and cryptocurrencies.

They aren't huge in the UK yet, but things seem to be moving in that direction.

Nolimit City

Nolimit City Logo 200

A game studio that likes to give both their partner casinos and their players as much freedom as possible.

Nolimit City make some of the edgiest slots on the market to my knowledge, with one or two even causing a little controversy due to their subject matter and contents.

They do develop safer games as well of course, and many of them include their range of in-house  features; XNudge, XWays, and XPays.


Reelplay logo 200

An Australian game studio who do everything in house, these guys don't have a huge list of credits to their name but those they have released so far are all high end.

The company are responsible for their own proprietary game mechanic too, which is also available for license to other developers. It is called Infinity Reels and provides limitless progressive multipliers, extra reels, and respins.


Wazdan Logo

A name change in 2015 set Wazdan on the path to success with their blend of unique game features giving players more personalisation options than any other developer.

Their games have been available in the UK since 2017 and at some of the biggest and most respected online casinos too, with their modern style and trademark classic feel proving a hit with players.

Green Jade Games

Green Jade Games Logo

Only in operation since 2017, Green Jade Games are already available at one or two well known online casinos and have a solid handful of games in their portfolio.

Their USP is gambling games with a skill element, so the player has to rely on their own abilities as well as chance. Their games can be broken down into three categories and they are all presented with detail, thought, plus excellent visuals and animations.