Red Stone Gaming

Red Stone Gaming LogoWhen new software developers come to the market, they often do so with all guns blazing, attempting to ‘disrupt’ the industry and come up with novel new ways of doing things.

This is great, there is definitely plenty of room for that sort of thing in the online casino industry, but Red Stone Gaming have taken a different approach, and come at things from another angle.

They understand that not everybody wants an all singing all dancing multi-layered game with hundreds of features. Some of us just want a good old fashioned slot, but with the power and performance that modern day technology can provide.

So that is what Red Stone Gaming provide; slots that are reminiscent of days gone by, but that are still eminently entertaining and primed for a modern day audience.

Who Are Red Stone Gaming?

Who Are Red Stone Gaming?

Launched in 2021 by founder Miloš Popović, Red Stone Gaming are a Serbian company specialising in online slot games that are made with mobile gamers in mind.

The team at the Red Stone office are only a small group, with around 10 – 12 employees handling everything from designing and creating the games to handling sales and managing the business, but they can certainly get things done.

After launching their first ever game, 40 Wild Clover, just four months after the company launched, they put their heads down and created 16 more, which meant that just under a year later they had a roster of 17 games.

What’s more, they had also managed to acquire licenses for additional territories, meaning that by August of 2022, their games were available in more than 20 countries across 5 different regulated markets.

The company work from a singe office in Central Serbia, where they have built and developed their own game engine focusing on high performance technology. Their games are lightweight for the mobile market, but make no compromises in quality for anyone preferring to play on a desktop.

Although not the most well known software developer in the world, it is still early days for Red Stone, and the pace they work shows that they are more than capable of catching up to, and even overtaking, companies that came before them.

What Are Red Stone Games Like?

What are Red Stone Games Like

The first thing that you will notice when looking at Red Stone Gaming’s slots, is that they all have one foot firmly in the ‘classic’ category.

What do I mean by this?

Well, you get a lot of 5 and 10 line slots from Red Stone, which harks right back to the early days of online casinos, and even those games that have more paylines than this have the appearance of the slots of yore.

There is still a big market for this sort of game, the company are not just out of touch, and they double down on this approach in the way they stick to simple game mechanics as well.

You will find scatters, wilds (some expanding wilds too), and freespins rounds, even the odd multiplier, but it is kept to a minimum and gets no more complicated than that.

The maximum payouts are kept around the 2000x mark too, which hopefully means payouts are spread more evenly between players, and the RTPs are commonly around the industry average of 96%, although some do dip below this a little which sadly seems to be becoming the new normal.

Themes and Visuals

Red Stone Gaming Visuals ThemesAlthough Red Stone Gaming use all of the latest technology to create their games, they have tailored them to have a more classic ‘look’.

This means softer edges, graphics that don’t have the same sharpness of the ultra-realistic games that are coming out now, and lots of yellows and reds which a reminiscent of the old games.

Themes are kept traditional too, so expect lots of fruits, crowns, lucky clovers, sevens, hearts and stars, and where there are other themes they are the most common.

This means Egypt, Wildlife, and a few seasonal games such as Halloween and Christmas type titles.

It has all been done remarkably well, because as a player you instantly know what sort of game you are going to be getting just by looking at the game tile, but you can also tell that they will be modern takes on traditional themes.

Top Games

Mayan Coins Red Stone Gaming

A few of the games by Red Stone that I have really enjoyed, are Mayan Coins and

The first, Mayan Coins, is probably one of Red Stone’s more contemporary games, but as you can see, it is still going to appeal to online slot fans who miss the way slots used to be.

It’s a ten liner, but is also one of their only games to have a more advanced in game feature, known as the lock and cash. Here, if a minimum of six coins land on the reels, they lock in place for 3 additional spins, and at the end, any coins on screen are added up (they each have a face value) and paid out.

There is a progressive jackpot tagged on as well, but other than that the base game only contains a wild.

It’s a beautiful slot to look at, showcasing vibrant colours, simple but effective animations, and a satisfying soundscape that helps to build the world of the game.

It was launched in 2024 so is perhaps a sign that Red Stone are beginning to experiment a little more.

Hot Hot Stereo Win Red Stone Gaming

My next game is a much simpler one that is more in keeping with Red Stone Gaming’s modus operandi, Hot Hot Stereo Win.

It’s a 5×3 game with 5 paylines, so in terms of design it is about as basic as you can get without venturing into 3 reel territory.

There are no game features aside from the fact that this slot pays both ways, so from left to right and right to left. Combined with the graphics, intense music, and pacey gameplay though, this is enough for a really exciting slot session.

Yes ok, the progressive jackpot is also tied into this game, but it has little to no impact on the gameplay unless you win it, and how often does that happen?

The expertly drawn fruit symbols on the reels, on top of a flaming background with cinder ash and sparks flying about the place create a high energy atmosphere that you can’t help but enjoy.

It’s a perfect example of what Red Stone Gaming do best.