New Online Slots for April: Pragmatic, Thunderkick, and Print Studios

What with summer peeking its cheeky face around the corner and everything, I have not been in the mood for anything serious this month.

That goes for slots too. I’ve been plumping for cartoon style almost bubble gum style games which is not my usual thing at all, but it’s made a nice change.

I’ve written about two of them below, but the third slot i’ve reviewed is a little different.

Being a massive Monty Python fan I was instantly attracted to the Holy Grenade slot, and although it isn’t the same as the other two in style, it is undeniably silly.

It introduced me to a new developer too, in Print Studios.

Maybe one of the following could be your next favourite, but then again, maybe not. Here’s what I thought anyway.

3 Dancing Monkeys – Pragmatic Play

3 Dancing Monkeys Slot

This game wasn’t actually as silly as I thought it might be judging from the game tile, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

It has a slight Asian theme to it, but it’s not overdone so it doesn’t feel like yet another Asian themed slot like all the others, it has more personality than that.

The main details:

  • RTP: 96.00%
  • Max Win: 12,077x
  • Volatility: Very High

Nothing mind blowing then, although I would say that my personal experience of the game did not match the stated volatility – I did ok.

Anyway, onto the game itself then and it’s fairly standard with a 5×3 grid and 243 ways to win, boasting big bold and bright symbols plus some cheeky animated monkeys off to the side who collect gems when they land.

There are 3 different coloured gem symbols, all of which can trigger the free spins round, but each colour has its own characteristic which will be present in the free spins round.

These are an expanded 5×5 reel, or additional wilds added to the reels, or wilds with multipliers. They all have their pluses and minuses, but all will make the game more promising.

3 Dancing Monkeys Free SpinsThe cool thing though, is that these can stack, so if you trigger free spins with two or three different colour gems, the benefits of all of them will be applied to the free spins round.

There is also a mystery symbol in the free spins round which will either add more spins to your total or add a cash prize to your pot, so this round is really where the whole game is at.

If you don’t mind grinding a little bit to get the free spins round then this game would be fun for you in my opinion. I’d give it another go and it’s not the sort of game I usually go for, which says a lot.

Jiggly Cash – Thunderkick

Jiggly Cash Slot

This squishy gummy bag of sweets themed slot comes with a bit of a dreamlike atmosphere which is only enhanced by the soundtrack – you can really settle into this one.

There are now reels on this one, it’s a scatter pay mechanic so you just need 8 matching symbols anywhere on the 5×6 grid and you will have a payout. Those symbols will then disappear and new ones will fall in their place, so one ‘spin’ can create multiple wins. This is known as an avalanche feature and can go on indefinitely.

  • RTP: 96.46%
  • Max Win: 10,000x
  • Volatility: Very High

Look out for multiplier symbols, because if these land and you have a winning symbol next to one, that win will receive the multiplier amount shown on the multiplier symbol.

The same process applies to mystery symbols, except they will transform a win of low paying symbols into a win of a random mid paying symbol.

Jiggly Cash Bonus Free Spins

There is a bonus free spins round triggered by landing three Key symbols, which will grant you either 5 or 10 free spins, during which multipliers are added to the Jiggly Bank and become cumulative, so as the multiplier builds each win is worth more.

I have to say though, I triggered the bonus round twice and won £3.50 the first time and £1.50 the second time… from a £1 bet!

So I wasn’t impressed with the bonus round at all, which is a shame because the base game was ok. I probably won’t bother with this one again though.

Holy Hand Grenade – Print Studios

Holy Hand Grenade Slot

I assumed from the name and the graphics on the game tile that this was going to be a branded slot, but it’s actually just a very (very) good rip off.

There is no mention of Monty Python and the Holy Grail in the game, but the Holy Hand Grenade was a very funny sketch in that film, and you can’t tell me that the symbols don’t look like John Cleese, Michael Palin, and Terry Jones.

Anyway, the basics:

  • RTP: 96.45%
  • Max Win: 20,000x
  • Volatility: Medium/High

First off, this game is bonkers.

The soundtrack and effects are brilliant, but I honestly thought the game had glitched what with all the random grenade explosions, holy hymns, and goats bleating in the background – it actually overpowers the sounds of the game features.

This was my only negative though, because the rest of it was super fun, starting with the graphics and animations which give you an awful lot to look at.

There is loads going on within the 5×4 grid, not least the Superspinners, which are a unique feature to this developer.

These diamond shapes sit on the grid lines and can randomly contain multiplier numbers which are applied to any wins that cross them, which really heightens the interest of the base game and is especially welcome during free spins.

Then of course there is the titular Hand Grenade symbol, which explodes when it lands turning all symbols around it into the same random symbol to help create winning paylines.

Holy Hand Grenade Bonus Free Spins

Land three or more goats and you are into the free spins round, with 7 given to begin with.

Don’t worry though, because any grenades that land will not only explode as normal, but will also add more spins to your total. I started my bonus round with 7 but finished up getting 23, so it’s a bonus round that keeps on giving.

This is loads of fun because there is always more than one thing to hope for, and the round can go in lots of different directions.

What’s more, if a grenade lands then it ‘frames’ the space it landed on, and if that space is caught up in a subsequent grenade explosion a new grenade will land in that same space again.

These frames are sticky for the whole round too, so by the end almost the whole board is exploding and more importantly, showing an awful lot of the same symbol. This, of course, means bigger wins, especially with the Superspinners taken into account.

The grid also expands to 6×5 for free spins, so it really is fun once it gets going.

I loved this one i’ll be honest, and i’m definitely going back to it.