Slots Streamers on Twitch Set New Viewership Records in April

The Twitch online streaming platform is the go-to site for streamers of all sorts of games and activities – from streamers of strategy games like DOTA, shooters like Fortnite and PUBG and also casino and poker players seeking their fortunes.

With an average of 15 million daily active users and 120,000+ average concurrent streamers – more than 250 Billion minutes of has video consumed so far in 2021 on , and it will come as no surprise that the streaming platform is attractive to casual gamers as well as digital marketers looking to gain visiblity and exposure.

Savvy marketers looking to reach specific younger demographics have embraced the platform wholeheartedly – with many of the top streamers working in partnership with casino operators and gambling affiliate sites in order to drive clicks, traffic and conversions – to earn lucrative casino affiliate commissions. Some of the most popular streamers are also official Twitch partners.

Our latest analysis of the Slots category on Twitch for April 2021 reveals that a number of category streaming records were smashed during the month of April 2021

average monthly viewers slots twitch
Average viewers by month

A new record of 21,953,615 hours of slots was watched on Twitch in April 2021 (+18.8% on April 2020)

Peak viewers of slots streamers during the month was 181,881 viewers – up 149% over March 2020.

peak viewership slots twitch
Peak viewers by month Slots Streaming: Key Statistics April 2021

The Slots category continued to grow steadily, increasing to the 17th most viewed category on Twitch in April.

  • 5,177 Channels streamed slots games during the month.
  • 120,067 hours of slots was streamed in the Slots category – a new record
  • 166 channels streamed slots (on average) during the month
  • Slots channels received an average of 30,533 viewers
  • Peak viewers during the month was 181,881 – up 149% over March 2020
  • The online slots category on Twitch was the 17th most watched category overall on the Twitch platform
  • For yet another month, the top slots streamer for the month is ROSHTEIN
  • Top streamer ROSHTEIN streamed for 274 hours during the month
  • Lowest # of slots viewers: 6,464 (Saturday 10th April).
  • Peak # of viewers: 167,503 (Friday 23rd April)
  • Lowest number of slots streaming channels: 99 (Thursday 1st April)
  • Peak channels streaming slots: 268 (Friday 9th April)
  • Lowest viewer ratio: 38.25 (Saturday 10th April)
  • Peak viewer ratio: 1,150.71 (Friday 30th April)

*Data via the Twitch API.

Top Slots Streamers On, April 2021

Rank Channel Name Total Hours Watched Hours Streamed Peak Viewers Average Viewers Followers
1 ROSHTEIN 4,207,963 274 31,370 15,372 508,536
2 xQcOW 1,267,061 12 134,596 103,434 5,570,354
3 ClassyBeef 1,137,358 419 6,820 2,716 152,085
4 Xposed 1,047,528 162 16,037 6,466 317,049
5 VonDice 1,009,284 226 21,414 4,466 86,584
6 DeuceAce 878,865 148 18,174 5,948 125,883
7 Trainwreckstv 789,027 55 27,304 14,346 1,276,409
8 CasinoDaddy 757,468 493 3,834 1,537 154,095
9 Teuf 400,978 50 16,734 8,060 198,087

As with everything in the iGaming industry – all figures should be taken with a pinch of virtual salt – for the platform has been inundated with “fake casino streamers” – playing on the bankrolls of casinos or affiliates or playing with “fake money” – simulating big [and fake] wins in the hope of gaining exposure.